Welcome to the Gismo Studios samples page.
Click the song title for the sample or the artist name for the artist's web page, which may also contain the full song that is sampled here.

Alan Wolf - Mecklenburg Waltz
Great recording of a string quartet in this song

Pump the Breaks - I Like It
Rock band live in the studio with vocals tracked separately

Pump the Breaks - Evergreen
Drum demo 1 (below) is the drum tracks from this song

JEL - Kryptonite
Studio recording featuring yours truly on bass

Shawn Deena - The Anti-Love Song
Studio recording

High Bushy Tails - Stay Warm
Studio recording

Drum demo 1
This is the drummer from Pump the Breaks I've isolated the drum tracks to show the sound of my drum kit (although the drummer replaced the cymbals and snare drum with his own), it still shows my skill at recording drums.
Drum demo 2
This is another drum demo with a far less talented drummer, Me.
Ken Denny - Blues in F Minor
Rhythm tracks recorded elsewhere. Piano and Organ by yours truly.