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TTS (Telephone Tracking System)

In 1984, I was working for Burroughs Corporation (which later became Unisys) in a help-desk technical support organization. I designed and developed a system which my organization used to track and report calls and problem resolutions. A customer calls in with a problem. A receptionist gets the customer's name, phone number, the specific product, and a short description of the problem, and enters this information into the system. If the call is about an open trouble ticket, the receptionist attempts to put the customer directly through to the phone of the person who is currently working on it. Otherwise the customer is informed that someone will call him back shortly and is given the trouble ticket number.

Meanwhile, the support representatives can see which customers are waiting for a call back. (This was before CTI so the representative selected a customer and dialed the number manually). As the representative is helping the customer, (s)he keys in a more complete description of the problem as well as the resolution if known. If the problem is resolved to the customer's satisfaction, the trouble ticket is closed. Otherwise it remains assigned to the representative who took the call. The representative can transfer the ticket to another representative (someone more knowledgeable about the particular problem area, for instance) or transfer it back to the group for any of several reasons.

The system creates many reports used for tracking customer satisfaction as well as measuring representatives' performance. The problem resolution information is also exported for use in a customer support knowledge database.

An interesting note: One of the reports provided by the system is the tracking of call back time. A custom modification for one group forced members of that group always to take the oldest call in the queue.

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