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Kenneth E. Denny
200 Parkside Circle, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 · 919-968-9829 · ridl9829@bellsouth.net


A well-qualified software developer with over 25 years experience in various aspects of software design, development, and support. Particularly strong in database design and implementation. Well-versed in many varied application areas. Extremely competent in many software languages and tools:
Languages/Tools: PL/SQL, C, Pro*C, C++, SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Loader, Visual Basic, Developer/2000, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, HTML, BRIO, CVS, Clearcase, Microsoft FrontPage, Perl, Korn shell, Bourne shell, C-shell, Unisys LINC, COBOL, ALGOL, PASCAL
Databases: Oracle, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Microsoft Access, Unisys DMSII
Operating Systems: UNIX (HP and Sun), Windows 95/98, Windows NT



(04/2006-present) Credit-Suisse (contract)

Member of team to design and build three HR applications. The most comprehensive of these was a web based application where employee objectives and ratings were managed. Employee objectives are set by employees and managers, managers approve objectives and yearly, employees received ratings. All three projects were released on a tight time schedule and all deliverables were met on time. Defects discovered by QA were corrected very quickly and systems were put into production with minimum effort. Tools used included TOAD, PL/SQL, PL/SQL Developer, ERWin, MS Visual SourceSafe, SQL*Loader, and korn shell. Subsequently charged with support of that same system. Also worked as lead database designer for Awards system and Promotions nominations system.

(08/2005-01/2006) Red Prairie, Inc. (contract)

Responsible for customer support for Red Prairie Digital Logistix software. Duties included diagnosing and documenting customer support issues, including finding solutions and root causes. Tools used included PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, korn shell, and CRON scheduling.

(07/2005-08/2005) Böwe Bell+Howell (contract)

Responsible developing PL/SQL packages for use in critical downtime report. Short term contract required that I become familiar with a very complex system in a minimal timeframe. Tools used included PL/SQL, TOAD, SQL, Crystal Reports, and Visual Basic.

(Dec. 2003-present) Glaxo SmithKlein (contract)

Responsible for support of Weekly Sales Reporting system while developing replacement system. Replacement system used PL/SQL and Unix shell scripts with Oracle database on Unix platform. Once development was complete for replacement system, took over support of it. Responsible for ensuring that reports were correct and delivered on time, troubleshooting problems, tuning to improve performance, and answering user questions. Tools used: Unix shell scripting, PL/SQL, SQL, Visual Basic, TOAD, and Excel.

(Oct. 2002-Aug. 2003) Capital One (contract)

Development DBA for Capstone, a credit decision managing application. Responsible for implementing data model changes in development and test databases. Also developed software to allow audited insert, update, and delete functions for selected tables. Developed methodology to ensure development and test databases were kept in sync. Developed PL/SQL packages to control transfer of data between development, test, and production databases.

(Jul.-Sep. 2002) Royal & Sun Alliance (contract)

Responsible for writing ETL code using PL/SQL for a major business insurance vendor. Brought in when a large data warehouse project for tracking claim history had fallen behind schedule. Code was implemented in PL/SQL stored procedures grouped into packages. Project deadlines were met.

(Sep. 1997-Nov. 2000) Nortel Networks Corp. (contract/full time)

Development team design leader in developing a telephone switch configuration database. Developer of all stored procedures and packages, which were extensively used in the database. This was an Oracle database and most of the application programs were written in Pro*C and the rest in Perl. Prime support person for Product Profitability, a financial reporting system consolidating data from diverse company segments into corporate financial reports. Duties included: making sure all programs in the process ran correctly, finding the root cause and correcting problems, tuning queries, making code changes to implement new features and correct bugs as required, and tracking down causes of discrepancies in numbers between Product Profitability and other systems. Code was written primarily in Pro*C with lots of embedded PL/SQL. In addition there were some C++ programs and some straight PL/SQL programs. Also responsible for designing queries to pull data from an Access database into Oracle. Y2K team for same database, and responsible for almost all Y2K C and PL/SQL code changes. Y2K team for another Nortel customer billing database, responsible for C and PL/SQL code changes including changes to stored procedures, also developing and implementing test plans.

(1995-1997) Insight Industries, Inc. (full time)

Software Engineer. Designed and developed database for use in phone circuit testing reservation/scheduling system to run on HP-UX. Database made extensive use of triggers and stored procedures. This was an Oracle database. Application programs were Pro*C and C++. User interface programs were created using Oracle Forms (Developer/2000).

(1974-1994) Burroughs/Unisys Corporation (full time)

Customer support for LINC on A_Series, UNIX, PCs. Customer support for V_Series, DMSII (Database Management System) and Data Communications. Designed, developed, and implemented a Call Tracking System. Supported all system software for B1000. Participated in numerous benchmarks and conversions


BS in Mathematics, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


Pride award for outstanding customer support -Nortel
Spot award for delivering fixes ahead of schedule - Nortel
Marketing of Unisys Technical Advantage Services - Unisys
Development of Call Tracking System - Unisys

Oracle Reports ·Oracle Forms 2 · Oracle Developer 2000 · Oracle Forms
UNIX Advanced Administration · UNIX Shell Programming · C Programming