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PCT (Process Control tables) Redesign

I developed the PL/SQL packages in the PCT redesign at Capital One. PCT is a part of Capstone, a credit decisioning tool. The packages I developed controlled movement of data between the development, test, and production databases. There were a number of requirements which made this a much more complicated task than it would first appear.

First, there is a rule there that production databases are not allowed to have links to non-production databases, so this meant that links could not be used to transfer the data. When the user transferred data to the production database, it would be first downloaded to the client, then uploaded to the production database.

Another requirement was that the packages had to be able to handle new columns being added to the tables and be able to start transferring the new columns without so much as recompiling the procedures. So when data was uploaded to the production database, along with the data, it would upload the column definitions as they exist in the test database. The code must then compare the column definitions from the test database to the column definitions as they exist in the production database. If there are differences, the user is shown a warning message and can choose whether to continue or not. If there are no differences, or if there are and the user says to continue, the package then constructs a dynamic "INSERT" command to insert the rows into the production database.

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