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IBDB (Installed Base Database)

I was the primary designer and leader of the team that developed the IBDB system at Nortel Networks. The software makes extensive use of stored procedures and functions, for which I did all the PL/SQL coding.

IBDB is a database containing configurations of Nortel customers' DMS-10 and DMS-100 switches. When an engineer audits a customer switch, he first downloads a file containing the current switch configuration into his laptop computer. The file can contain everything at the customer site, only one frame, only certain part numbers, or one of several other options. Each part has a sticker with a bar code printed on it. The engineer scans each of these bar codes and his laptop records any differences between what was downloaded and what is scanned. When the audit is finished, the changes are uploaded to the host computer and the database is updated with the new configuration data.

While that is the primary way the database is used, there are other options as well. Suppose a bug is discovered which could affect switches having three or more XY6 line cards on the same shelf with two or more YZ7 cards. The database can be used to provide a list of customer sites which contain such a configuration.

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