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MyPerformance - Web based HR performance management

This was a web-based application that runs on the company's intranet. Employees create performance documents in which they enter objectives. Managers can also put together teams of employees and assign team objectives. Emplyees submit their performance documents to their manager for review and the manager can approve the document or return it to the employee for revisions. Once the manager approves the document goes to "completed" status.

Users would connect to the front-end application and it would call packaged procedures in the database. My team designed and developed the packaged procedures. It was typically one package per screen and one procedure per clickable item on the screen. Data was returned to the front-end in the form of output parameters, either variables or reference cursors.

One of the requirements that was something new for me was that the system has to operate in multiple languages. While a lot of the language specific issues were handled by the front end, there was also a great deal of language dependent data in the database. The resolution I developed for this was the use of a text_lang table. Every database table which had what would have been a text column, instead had a text_id. The text_lang table had as a primary key, text_id and lang_cd. So we combine the text_id with the user's lang_cd preference to retrieve the text.

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