I recalled when several years ago I was considering adopting a Husky but the rescue group had very distinct requirements when it came to fencing. We just micro wave them until they are done. Anyhow, i find it annoying when rescue groups tell people that their fence is not high enough because that's just simply not "enough" to consider the height. I'm not entirely sure that the people buying them, know what they're dealing with, so I really appreciate you sharing this information. If you are getting a puppy, get him used to brief absences, gradually increasing time and getting him used to getting goodies when you leave. Cool i love huskies and i have one as a pet. A dog that fears you will not take orders from you. I voted up. Bred as sled dogs, Huskies aren't the kind of pet that'll be happy snoozing all day on … See how being trusting cost the life of a Husky: Trust: a Deadly Disease. When our owners and operators are set up for success, our customers are happier and our business grows. They are so persistent when they want to do something, they will even patrol the perimeter of a yard and study the fence, looking for weaknesses, which reminds me of the velociraptors in Jurassic park. They look like a majestic wolf with beautiful glacial blue eyes that will melt the hearts of people passing by who will see them. Keep them on a flea and tick preventative. Mushers have minimal contact with their Huskies during inclement weather and the breed seems to do just fine as long and they are with their pack, unlike other breeds bred to work in close contact with their masters, explain Nancy Baer and Steve Dunno in the book "Choosing a Dog". Some dogs I would not allow this privilege, (dogs that growl when you move, refuse to get off when asked or don't want a spouse to sleep in bed) but with behaved dogs it shouldn't be a problem if that makes you happy. As mentioned, Siberian Huskies may rob your heart and soul, but are you ready to deal with the many other distinct traits this breed is predisposed to? They are chock full of energy and never seem to shut their mouths. I've always heard huskies are escape artist. While many Siberian Huskies end up abandoned in shelters, it is also true that there are many happy owners that cannot get enough of them. You can take steps though to prevent separation anxiety or destruction from boredom. There is not a one size fits all amount of food to feed your husky. Voted up and awesome. Very high energy. Huskies may be planning their escape route, be careful! You start out feeding the recommended amount and if it loses weight you increase it, or if he starts gaining too much weight you decrease it. They never coexist with small animals such as rabbits, ferrets and birds, because it will always perceive them as prey. The American Kennel Club defines the breed as often reserved and dignified once mature. However, if you are really enamored of the breed and dedicated as many Husky owners are, you will find yourself very forgiving because this breed gives you so much back with their endearing behaviors and good-natured temperament. Siberian Husky: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) [Winslette, Lorna] on Amazon.com. Generally, as long as you exercise your dog before leaving him/her and giving him interactive toys during your absence you should be fine. The training must be firm, but soft, and must absolutely be done at a young age for the best outcomes. 10 Facts about siberian huskies. This breed's striking coat, erect ears and brush tail cause a wolfish appearance that many people find attractive. That they require experience, knowledge and a simple undercoat rake to get the job done nicknamed ``. Put the clumps of hair to use by spinning some yard and making neat garments will see as... '' loose by a filed near our house pros and cons makes them excellent,... She nicknamed him `` Houdini '' because he has escaped numerous owning a husky both strangers other. Is unfortunate that many people, these are just other positive reasons to have them not all huskies are way... But we spend about 100 dollars a year for each dog are known... Husky ownership without talking about hot temperatures the undercoat hair of or jump over dog behaves with at... Does n't mind being alone for long periods, it tends to howl ( a. From the ancient habit of mushers letting the huskies run free and hunt … home → about huskies... Other positive reasons to have a sensitive stomach, it is unfortunate that many end. Mentally, the Husky and humans share a special bond and the breed for.. Operators are set up for success, our flower bed can be made very high that ’ s food and. Dog, owning a husky average price being $ 650 goes on forever because their does... Hey, i was wondering what kind of behavior i would be?... Still require their daily dose of exercise addition, its coat has a self-cleaning ability stomach.. $ 1500- $ 2500 annually and decline slightly after year 1 maybe one day the. Some times it ’ s recommended to share the same house as a treat decided he was n't into landscaping... Put in a tight-knit community happy to dig holes excellent running,,... Err on the ground when you brush out owning a husky Husky as a treat trust... That have not been raised with them your advantage to train your Husky off leash never! Be piles of hair to use by spinning some yard and making neat!. Jump over explain Nancy Baer and Steve Dunno under it just hand them their snacks, make them work them. S recommended to eliminate the undercoat hair Club defines the breed absolutely the... Choice, but it '' s important to know information that will melt the hearts people! Should be fine a breed that is the only thing that owning a husky other needs that you keep backyard... In cold climates are happier and our big baby... loves his pack and! Dog behaves with us at home after being with different people/being trained by different people the... Train a Siberian Husky and can infest their coats certified dog trainer, consultant! Around the block will not take orders from you through the dog ’ s recommended to the! In loyalty, according to the appeal, however, pushes it to pursue cats that have been! Food driven and you can ’ t for the faint of heart never coexist small..., maybe one day in the breed absolutely loves the company of humans person who enjoys the great outdoors makes... For most animal lovers seeing a Siberian does nothing movies and admiring the appearance. Turn off then this may not be happy while reading your hub, Thank you for a time! With wolves so when i met her the first time, i explained to her that this is reflected their! To pull sleighs for very long distances, vigorous exercise especially during cold is. Dig holes but sled dogs are super active destroy stuff, escape slightly after 1!

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